I stand for:

  • Open and honest government

  • Environment and health over corporate profits

  • Stronger local representation

  • Equal opportunity for all Australians

It’s time to close this chapter on Australian politics that has seen seven Prime Ministers in 11 years. We’ve lost so much time with the major parties fighting themselves rather than fighting for us. We need a new generation of leaders like me who take the business of governing seriously and can help us move forward. That’s why I’m running.

We can change the priorities and tone of national politics by voting for a new local representative. An independent with my skills and experience will give the Northern Beaches a stronger say in our future – more than Jason Falinski MP has achieved on the backbench. But if we keep voting for the major parties, nothing will change.

More About Alice

Let’s send a message to Canberra on:

Infrastructure and Development

As a safe seat Mackellar has missed out on infrastructure while population has grown. We have to catch up.


A business-friendly economy that gives back to communities and creates local jobs.

Climate change and Environment

Action that puts our health and security first while creating new jobs from a low-carbon economy.

Health and Education

More public investment in health and education so we can reach our full potential.

Clean Up Government

When trust in government is so low, we need to keep our democracy open and government accountable to the people.

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